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a dinnerware set for my new apartment


closed. check back another time!

combinations and glaze testing updates


About the Artist

Hi! It’s nice to meet you! I’m Gabrielle and I’m the hands behind Red Panda Pottery, a small ceramics business born in Berkeley, CA.

I created Red Panda Pottery as a brand that embraces the playful accent of handmade work. From the finger ripples from pulling up walls and the smear of clay while blending out handles, I love to experiment with “the artists’ mark” on clean angles, smooth surfaces, and earthy glazes.

As a hobbyist, I’m still experimenting with forms and shapes to find ones that really speak to me. **But I can promise this: you’ll be excited to fill up one of my mugs for your morning coffee, or serve dinner on one of my plates. My mission is to make art that you will love and want to use everyday :)

p.s: Red Panda Pottery was also named after a stuffed red panda plushie named Peanut whom I very much love <3

my star projects

anywhere bowls

Your new rice bowl. Or breakfast bowl. Or, really, anything your heart desires - bowl.


Mountain-inspired walls with a wide whisking base, for making the most delicious matchas.

Pet Food Bowls

Elevated feeding. Iterations made to accomodate cones, hasty eaters, and various portion sizes.

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notion link for behind the scenes